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684 Series

In Summer 2016, I moved out of an unhappy situation and into a one-bedroom apartment, living alone for the first and (so far) only time. That apartment was uniquely special, an old home with a lot of strange angles and charming features, made more special by my newfound independence and a period of deep formation and liminality. I lived there for four years and would have lived there forever if I could have, and I wish I'd had more time with the version of myself who got to. But life moves forward, and I moved in with my now-husband during the Summer of 2020. My only regret is that I wasn't able to give my old apartment the proper send-off that it deserved, thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic. Instead of the huge goodbye party I would have otherwise thrown, I began drawing little corners of the house. While I love a compositional circle in general, these feel specifically like a porthole looking into memories of various corners and dioramas from life in my mid-20s.

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